I started teaching as instructor from 2009 at the University of Georgia. Over the years at UGA, Clemson, and William & Mary, I have acquired extensive teaching experience in a variety of topics. These topics cover both managerial and technical aspects in information systems and business analytics. These courses were held in undergraduate, master, and MBA levels. Below please find a list of courses I have taught.


Introduction to Business Analytics
Introduces students to the common language, terminology and concepts related to business analytics, as well as to the business analyst profession and ways to manage business problems using business analytics. Students learn foundational technical, business and statistical concepts and skills

Business Information Systems (Data Management)
In-depth study of business related data, information, and knowledge-based systems as well as business intelligence technologies and techniques, through readings, hands-on experience, and case studies. Emphasizes organizational decision-making and the ability to access data, information and knowledge-based assets where and when needed.

Introduction to  Information Systems
Introduction to information systems concepts and applications in business. Topics include software, hardware, decision support and knowledge based systems, database, information systems design and implementation, and the management of information systems.

System Analysis and Design
Emphasis on development of business application systems using object-oriented and structured analysis tools and techniques for describing processes, use cases, data structures, system objects, file designs, input and output designs, and program specifications. Includes a service-learning project with requirements gathering, planning, and development of a prototype for an internal/external client.

Network-based Application Development
Network-based application development using a current development language and platform. Concepts include application development strategies and techniques, web technology platforms, a web development language, connection to a database, and web services. Projects will involve development of a network-based application for an organization.

Business Intelligence
Business intelligence provides the highest level of information support to aid the manager in the decision-making process. This course provides the skills necessary to conceptualize, build, and implement systems utilizing business intelligence in organizations.