Social Recommendation System

When examining the interplay of information system, individual, and social networks, I focus on a specific type of information system – the recommendation system. This is because this type of information system is widely distributed in the online environment and is closely related to and affecting individual’s online experience. There is a heated debate on… Continue reading Social Recommendation System

Social Network Analysis

Social network characteristics will affect individual behaviors in the organizational contexts. One project in this realm focuses on organizational citizenship behavior (OCB). This study extends prior studies by adopting a finer-grained approach and examining the differential relationships between friendship and advice ties and OCB.  This paper, co-authored with management professors from both Clemson University and… Continue reading Social Network Analysis

Green IS

Green IS and sustainable information systems is another research domain Seth has worked on. Collaborated with Dr. Richard Watson, Dr. Marie-Claude Boudreau, and Mr. Jack Levis (the Senior Director of Process Management at UPS), we examined energy informatics that is concerned with analyzing, designing, and implementing systems to increase the efficiency of energy demand and… Continue reading Green IS