Information Privacy

A majority of information system-based privacy research is focused on privacy breaches and strategies for preventing or mitigating the significant negative consequences for the companies and consumers. Though the fallout from a leak can be just as damaging to the victim, leaks have not received much attention in the academic literature. One of my working papers, collaborated with Dr. Heshan Sun and Jake London, targets on information leakage diffusion and its subsequent impacts on individual and organization. Relying on a large archival data set from Twitter (with 4,000 original tweets, more than one million re-tweets, and twenty thousand user connections), this paper studies the characteristics of leak information and how it is diffused in the online environment (in particular, social media platforms). This paper is currently at the manuscript preparation stage and is targeted at MIS Quarterly (to be submitted in December 2017).

Another working paper related to information privacy, collaborated with Dr. Jason Thatcher and Wenxi Pu, takes the lens of a user. In particular, it examines how social media platform features (information transparency and network transparency) affect user’s privacy concern and intention of self-disclosure. This paper targets at MIS Quarterly.

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