Social Network Analysis

Social network characteristics will affect individual behaviors in the organizational contexts. One project in this realm focuses on organizational citizenship behavior (OCB). This study extends prior studies by adopting a finer-grained approach and examining the differential relationships between friendship and advice ties and OCB.  This paper, co-authored with management professors from both Clemson University and Texas Tech University, was presented in the 2017 Academic of Management Annual Meeting. The paper was also granted as the Best Accepted Paper and is forthcoming in the Proceedings of 2017 Academic of Management Annual Meeting. We also have a follow up study, which is currently revise and resubmit at the European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology.

The other paper in this realm is collaborated with two professors from the accounting field. It examines outside directors’ social network centrality within a firm and its influence on outside directors’ likelihood of turnover before a firm crashes (i.e., significant decrease in stock market performance). This paper investigates whether outside directors exploit private information acquired through social connections for their personal interest. It is targeted at the Contemporary Accounting Research.

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