Online Information System Features

Given that most online websites are providing certain level of search ability, companies are even paying to be listed on the search results, how consumers will response to the sponsored search results (SSRs) remains an unanswered question. Collaborated with Dr. Weiquan Wang, Dr. Kai Lim, and Honglin Deng (all are from the City University of Hong Kong), this project synthesizes the literature and identifies three types of avoidance, namely, attentional, behavioral, and affective, which may exist when users are presented with SSRs. The study also examines how avoidance can be reduced by utilizing different types of social influence cues. This paper is currently revise and resubmit at MIS Quarterly.

Together with Dr. Heshan Sun and Shih-Lun Tseng, another project in this area investigates how different website presentation formats affect user’s learning and flow experience. Specifically, authors investigate the costs and benefits of stereo 3D, as a newly emerged presentation format in the online environment. This paper is currently under review at MIS Quarterly.

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